About MayanKin

Birth and Evolution was born in July 2010 as a creative space for conscious evolution and awakening while living a meaningful and authentic life with the help of ancient Mayan wisdom on cosmic cycles applied to modern times. It provides basic information on various Mayan Calendars, but focuses mainly on the modern interpretation of the Tzolkin. From my personal experience in following it since 1999, the Tzolkin is a wonderful tool serving as a portal to new dimensions and ways of experiencing sacred time, while helping oneself to re-connect with one’s inner rhythms and the Web of Life. As we shift our perception on whom we truly are and what we are here to do, everything becomes very magical and synchronicities abound!

A great way to learn how to use the Tzolkin and get in tune with the daily energies is by following the Wavespells. A Wavespell, or Trecena in its original name, is a sequence of thirteen days in which we are invited to work on certain qualities. The underlying theme is determined by the energy of the day that initiates the Wavespell. In other words, the first day of a Wavespell will set the Purpose for the following thirteen days.

MayanKin’s Blog was created with the purpose of sharing a message at the beginning of each Wavespell as a way to learn how to connect with and follow the cycle. During the first 260 days, I wrote a basic introduction for each energy. From the second cycle onwards, I have been sharing the information in a more practical way, using books, stories, interviews, trips and personal experiences related to each Wavespell. is Mayankin’s online store where you will find beautiful products related to the Tzolkin and current webinars you can sign up for. It will be constantly updated so keep checking it out. Thanks for visiting!

It’s Time for Integration

Traditional and Modern Tzolkin Counts

I am writing these words just after December 21, 2012, date that marked the completion of the Great Cycle of the Ancient Maya Long Count Calendar or the 13 Baktun cycle of 5,125 years.

The prophetic thirteen years of 1999-2012 were considered a period of acceleration of times, consisting of significant changes for humanity and the planet as a whole while representing the final transition from darkness to the dawn or birth of a New World Age. As you can read in the section about 2012, this shift is a process and it doesn’t happen overnight. How blessed are we to be part it!

Synchronistically, my introduction to the Tzolkin was in 1999 through the Dreamspell, the modern interpretation of the Sacred Mayan Calendar. Living by it has been an amazing journey so far! And, while it is my intention to continue deepening in this magical path, for the last months I have also been studying the traditional count as a way to integrate both cycle approaches in a harmonic way. Whenever I feel ready, I will be sharing additional information about it with you.

Mayan Calendar and Inca Shamanism

Chakana, Medicine WheelLamat 1In these amazing years of profound transformation, along with following the Tzolkin cycle and getting in tune with the energies, I have been initiated in the shamanic path while living in communion with Nature and consciously connecting and working with its elements.

Symbolically, the four dots contained in the Lamat glyph (Yellow Star, my energy of birth), represent the four directions or the four colors of corn (red, white, black yellow). Both the Native American Medicine Wheel and the Andean Chakana or Inca Cross represent, among many others, the four directions, the four elements, the four human races and the four guardian animals. And they all symbolize the cross, fourfold base of the Universe or Mesoamerican World Tree and the circle of life.

In this integration phase, I am also developing a second website where I will be sharing information on practices and shamanic tools based on other ancient traditions.

I invite you to continue visiting MayanKin as I will be adding new content more frequently. And, if you are not subscribed to my newsletters yet, you can do it here in order to receive my Wavespell messages and updates on new products, websites and events.


Note: All background photos in this website were taken by me in the Sacred Valley, Peru. The beautiful butterfly on my hand in ‘About’ section is in the back of my house when I lived in Houston, in one of those magical moments of pure wonder and joy… I am happy to share them with you!