Welcome and thanks for visiting Mayankin! My name is Mariela Maya and my purpose is to facilitate the process and guide you on your journey of personal growth and transformation.

At a certain point in our lives we all feel a vacuum, an unexplained emptiness, which appears to be “impossible” to satisfy. We buy new things, we try all types of activities, we read tons of books, we quit our jobs, we change our careers, life styles and relationships but still, nothing seems to ease our worries, fears, anxiety and other overwhelming sensations.

Suddenly, in the urge to find a reason for our existence, we stand still, we breathe, we listen, and we finally decide to follow our inner guide. Only then, we embark on a profound spiritual journey filled with amazing adventures and synchronicities. And as we change, everything changes. Our life will be never the same…

Welcome to this magical experience called: Life!

On a higher level

As above, so below. As without, so within! Lots of things are happening, not only to Mother Earth, but within us as well.

Pay attention; listen to your beloved ones and everybody around you. More and more people are getting sick or are dying at a very young age, independently of where they live and what their income level is. Divorces, job loss, stress, overall discomfort and unhappiness… People seem to be disoriented, confused, lacking purpose, and feeling out of balance.

I invite you to read about the significance of 2012 and come to understand that, although things seem to be chaotic all over, it also represents an awakening, an understanding that something is happening, and an invitation to live consciously on a deeper level of increasing awareness.

It’s an opportunity to:

• Open up to new experiences • Change perception from fear to love • Know yourself better and create meaningful relationships • Understand why you do the things you do • Have the freedom to choose • Expand your consciousness • Remember who you truly are • Enjoy the journey!

Become the architect of your own life and an active co-creator of a New Era!


Be the change you wish to see in the world! ~ Mahatma Ghandi

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