Wavespell of Birth

Image Wavespell of Birth 01-23-13Your Wavespell of Birth is a “week” of 13 days that represents the portal through which you entered into this world.

Your Destiny Kin, or main energy, falls on one of the 13 days of a specific Wavespell. The first day of this Wavespell is the one that sets the Purpose while the last one Transcends, or closes the cycle.

The other days within the Wavespell interweave with your Destiny Kin creating a harmonic wave, in such a beautiful way, that it helps you to strengthen your connection with your true and authentic self, discovering new things about yourself and what you want to transform in order to feel free to create the life you want.

Learning how to follow the 13 steps (combination of energies and actions) of your Wavespell of Birth serves as a guideline to realize any idea, dream or project you want to see manifested in your life.

The image on the right shows what each day within a Wavespell represents. Please note that, in Mayan terms, a dot represents the number 1 (e.g. three dots combine to form the number 3) and a bar represents the number 5 (e.g. one bar and two dots combine to form the number 7).


What does a reading include?

The Wavespell of Birth reading includes the following:

  • An hour and a half session
  • A personal document with a short summary of the energies discussed in the reading
  • A 30 minute follow up call a month after the reading

The session can be done in person, over the phone or via Skype, depending on your location.

Note: The Wavespell of Birth and Medicine Wheel readings complement each other. Although it is not necessary to have both, I recommend having the Wavespell of Birth reading first.

How to schedule a session?

Please send me your full name, date of birth and best time of the day for you to meet (weekday or weekend). Also, please let me know where you are located in order to take the time difference into consideration.

I will check your energies and give you tentative dates to meet. Once our session is confirmed, you can pay via PayPal with a credit card (or your PayPal account). Other options are check or cash for US residents or Western Union, if you live overseas.

When the reading is over the phone of via Skype, I will send you your personal document by email a day before our session. Otherwise, I will give it to you in person when we meet.

Fees and method of payment

The fee for a Wavespell of Birth reading is $130 (US Dollars).

Payment is required prior to the session. I am confident you will enjoy it and get valuable insights that will help you to consciously evolve on your journey. If for some reason you are not fully satisfied, I will refund 100% of the amount paid.

Book your reading here:


If necessary, special rates are available for South America and other locations.

And if you have any questions before scheduling a reading, please contact me.

I look forward to sharing your energies with you!