After many years of exploring my inner world, meeting wonderful people that have been enlightening my path and experiencing more and more synchronicity in my life, I have found my own way to creatively share with and guide you on how to consciously evolve through your journey.

There are as many paths as people on Earth. The beauty of creating your own way is to experience the freedom to choose what you want, the way you want it, in whatever form that works for you.

In addition to using various creative tools and shamanic practices, I have experienced for over a decade with others and myself that the Tzolkin provides a very powerful way to restore balance, harmony and peace of mind in order to create a meaningful life filled with purpose and joy. Once you know yourself better and you live from your true and authentic self, you will be able to make conscious decisions to attract what and who you really want in your life.

The modern interpretation of the Tzolkin, based on the sacred Mayan Calendar, is a beautiful and poetic way to artistically express the language of the soul. It serves as a powerful tool for you to create your own path and consciously evolve in your journey, choosing what is in alignment with your Purpose!

I would like to clarify that the information and guidance that I provide is compatible with any religion or belief system. It is not exclusive, but inclusive of any other approach or spiritual practice.

I offer different types of personal readings and life coaching sessions, as well as group activities, business coaching and trips for the soul.

My purpose is to reach two types of audiences: those who are looking for guidance on a personal level and those that are interested to learn more about the Tzolkin and how to use it as a practical tool for conscious evolution.

Welcome to a wonderful Awakening journey!