I offer four types of readings based on the modern interpretation of the Tzolkin, the Sacred Mayan Calendar.

Oracle Readings

All oracles refer to a chart with the combination of energies for a specific day, year or relationship. Although different in nature, a reference to their correlation with Western Astrology is included in brackets:

Oracle of Birth (Birth Chart, Natal Chart)

According to Mayan cosmology, all human beings have a mission from the moment of birth. The Oracle of Birth defines this mission and essentially gives a footprint of one’s essence. Becoming conscious of your own essence helps you to awaken, understand who you truly are, create harmonious relationships, expand your greatest potential and unfold your purpose in this life.

Oracle of the Year (Solar Return, Solar Revolution)

The Oracle of the Year refers to the energies you are transiting from birthday to birthday and provides information as to which areas in your life you may want to focus on during that specific year.

Oracle of Relationships (Composite Chart, Compatibility Chart, Synastry)

The Oracle of Relationships is the chart of a relationship and it gives information on the interaction and dynamics between two or more people. This chart is derived from the combination of individual oracles of birth.

Wavespell of Birth

You were born in a Wavespell or a “week” of 13 days. The Wavespell of Birth is a wonderful tool that represents the thirteen tones of creation or thirteen steps you can follow to manifest your intentions in life.

Medicine Wheel

Within a Wavespell, each day has a combination of a specific energy or glyph and an action or number. This cycle of 13 days contains four dimensions or levels of existence: spiritual, physical, emotional and mental. Based on my studies of shamanic practices, I developed a tool combining the Medicine Wheel with the Wavespell of Birth in order to determine which energies correspond with each direction (East, South, West and North) and how you can heal and strengthen your four aspects or bodies.

Destiny Castle

Every 52 years, the energy pattern repeats itself, cycle that is known as the Calendar Round. The Destiny Castle is your life roadmap, a 52-year cycle that shows you the energies you transit each year. This reading is a wonderful tool for everybody, but it becomes even more special if you are getting closer to your 52th birthday and beyond.

For additional information on each one of the four readings, what a reading includes and how to schedule a session, I invite you to check the different pages in this section.