Group Activities

Gathering together is always a powerful experience for sharing and learning from each other!

Among others, I offer creativity workshops, Tzolkin classes, lectures, trips to sacred places, events and meetings in the US (mainly Houston, TX), South America (mainly Argentina and Peru) and other parts of the world when traveling.

For over a decade, I have been hosting and participating in celebrations to connect with Nature’s cycles through Summer and Winter Solstices and Spring and Autumn Equinoxes.

The four Seasons of the year serve as crossroads, a sacred time for reflection and increasing self-awareness. Celebrating Solstices and Equinoxes are powerful experiences that allow us to expand our consciousness and deepen our connection with Life’s cycles. We shouldn’t forget that we are part of Nature and the web of life. What happens to Mother Nature happens to us as well…

I am also part of the Circle of Sound, a beautiful global family of people united in consciousness using crystal bowls and other instruments to create a unique and powerful vibration and a very special combination of frequencies with the intention of raising the vibration of the whole. Please visit their website for contacts in your area.

Upcoming gatherings and ceremonies will be posted on Upcoming Events.

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