I offer four different types of readings:

Oracle Readings

ACCORDING TO MAYAN COSMOLOGY, ALL HUMAN BEINGS HAVE A MISSION FROM THE MOMENT OF BIRTH. The Oracle of Birth defines this Mission and essentially gives a footprint of one's essence. Becoming conscious of your own essence helps you to awaken, to understand who you truly are, to expand your greatest potential and to unfold your Purpose in this life. Check here for Oracle of the Year and Oracle of Relationships

Wavespell of Birth

You were born within a Wavespell or a "week" of 13 days. The WAVESPELL OF BIRTH is a wonderful tool that represents the Thirteen Tones of Creation or thirteen steps you can follow to manifest your intentions in life.

Medicine Wheel

Within a Wavespell, each day has a combination of a specific energy (Solar Seal) and an action (Lunar Tone). This cycle of 13 days contains four dimensions or levels of existence: Spiritual, Physical, Emotional and Mental. Through my studies on shamanic practices, I developed a tool combining the MEDICINE WHEEL with the Wavespell of Birth in order to determine which energies fall on each direction (East, South, West and North) and how you can heal your four aspects or bodies.

Destiny Castle

Every 52 years, the energy pattern repeats itself, cycle that is known as the Calendar Round. The DESTINY CASTLE is your Life Road Map, a 52-year cycle that shows you the energies you transit each year. This reading is wonderful for anybody, but it becomes even more special if you are getting closer to your 52 birthday or beyond.

What does a reading include?

Any of the four readings includes the following:

  • An hour and a half session
  • A personal document with a short summary of the energies discussed in the reading
  • A 30 minute follow up call a month after the reading

The sessions can be done in person, over the phone or via Skype, depending on your location.

How to schedule a session?

Please send me your full name, date of birth and best time of the day for you to meet (week day or weekend). Also, please let me know where you are located in order to take the time difference into consideration.

I will check your energies and give you tentative dates to meet. Once our session is confirmed, you can pay via Paypal with credit card (or your Paypal account), check or cash. I also work with Western Union, if needed.

When the reading is over the phone of via Skype, I will send you your personal document by email a day before our session. Otherwise, I will give it to you in person when we meet.

Fees and method of payment

The fee for any one of the four readings is $130 (US Dollars).

Special rates are available for South America and other destinations. Please contact me.

Payment is required prior to the session. I am confident you will enjoy it and get valuable insights that will help you to consciously evolve on your journey. If for some reason you are not fully satisfied, I will refund 100% of the amount paid.

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If you have any questions before scheduling a reading, please contact me.

I look forward to sharing your energies with you!