MayanKin Newsletters

MayanKin newsletters are sent every 13 days when a new Wavespell starts. Based on the modern version of the Tzolkin, the Sacred Mayan Calendar, a Wavespell is a wonderful tool that provides valuable information to get connected with our own essence as a way of self-reflection and awareness. It gives us insights that help us to shift our perception through a deeper understanding of who we really are and what we want to create in our lives!

What is a Wavespell

The Tzolkin, or Sacred Mayan Calendar, is a cycle of 260 days consisting of 20 Solar Seals by 13 Lunar Tones. Each day has a unique combination of energies that affects a specific part of our Being.

A wonderful way to learn how to use the Tzolkin and sync with the daily energies is by following the Wavespells. A Wavespell, or Trecena in its original name, is a sequence of thirteen days in which we are invited to work on certain qualities. The underlying theme is determined by the energy of the day that initiates the Wavespell. In other words, the first day of a Wavespell will set the Purpose for the following thirteen days.

Reading the Wavespell message is the first step but, what makes it truly powerful, is to put it into practice! Don't worry about the technical part; it will become clearer with time. The most important is to enjoy, experience the energies and let the messages resonate within.

Who gets the newsletters?

MayanKin has two types of audiences: those who are looking for tools for self-help and transformation on a personal level and those that are also interested in learning more about the Tzolkin and its daily application. The newsletters serves both.

You will notice that each newsletter has two parts: the first one is in English and the second one in Spanish. At the end of each language, you will find a link to read more, which will take you directly to the blog where the complete content is posted.

Are the newsletters posted anywhere?

The MayanKin blog was inaugurated on July 22, 2010, at the beginning of the Wavespell of the Red Serpent and most of the newsletters have been posted since. For the first cycle (260 days or 20 Wavespells) you will find a brief explanation on each energy and a few questions within its content that serve as a trigger for reflection, taking action or remaining still during those thirteen days.

On April 8, 2011, I started a new blog cycle with a whole new approach. Going forward, the Wavespells will be explained in a practical way by referring to books, movies, stories and personal experiences that relate to the specific energy or Purpose for those days. I invite you to give me your feedback if there is anything you would like me to include in future postings and I will take them into consideration to share with all. Also, I encourage you to leave your comments in the blog so that everybody can read them as well.

And, in addition to the Wavespells, you can also track the daily energies in the Daily Tzolkin where you will find a short message for the energy of any specific day.

Welcome to MayanKin!

In Lak'esh,

Mariela Maya
Yellow Electric Star
Estrella El├ęctrica Amarilla