Mayan Calendars Intro MapThe Mayans were astronomers, mathematicians, sky watchers and they were passionate about measuring time.

Although people refer to “the” Mayan Calendar, there were in reality 17 Calendars, all used at the same time.

Through their observations, they realized there were several cycles that influenced our existence in different ways.

The Mayan calendars had different lengths and all were cyclic, each following its own sequence in an eternal flow.

The Mayans lived in harmony with Nature’s cycles, they believed in deities represented by the forces of Nature (as Chaak, God of Rain) and they left their teachings in the Pyramids, monuments, stelas (stone carving), and codices (Dresden Codex, among others).


Main Calendars – Names and Lengths

Mayan Calendars Length Chart(*) Note: The 13 Moon Calendar was conceived by Dr. Jose Arguelles and is synchronized with all the other calendars.