Yellow Star Wavespell – Beauty in the Chaos

by Mariela Maya

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Happy Wavespell of the Yellow Star!

Coronavirus – Facts First…

How interesting times of uncertainty we are experiencing at the moment! While there is global turmoil and things feel quite hectic and turbulent everywhere, the world seems to have come to a halt.

The Coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic, with its first cases appearing in Wuhan, China, at the end of last year, has spread globally and changed the world’s dynamics in a very short period of time. Countries are in lockdown; regions are isolated; flights cancelled; people quarantined; public transportation limited or completely halted; schools, businesses, restaurants and shops closed; many need to work from home; public gatherings banned; large events postponed; supermarkets becoming empty; and more. This situation is very difficult for so many people around the globe, and especially for those that are self-employed, contractors or have small businesses. We are witnessing a social and economic crisis where the stock market is falling and governments are taking the reigns by controlling what is allowed or not within their countries.

As of today, there have been over 173,000 cases reported worldwide so far including more than 7,000 deaths. You can see WHO’s updates here (World Health Organization). As the number of cases continues growing, the health systems in most countries are not capable of handling the increasing demand due to the lack of resources, medical capacity and no experience with this new virus mutation.

The news and social media give contradictory messages from downplaying the severity of the situation to creating a calamity and referring to it as apocalyptic times. And, as always, there are also conspiracy theories going around and rumors being spread that this is a manmade pandemic for political reasons between the US and China, or the toxicity of increasing 5G cellular phones towers, among others.

Life is a Paradox, and so is this situation!

What seems to be in appearance “bad” can also end up being a “good” experience. We can always choose to see the good in every situation. It is a choice.

While people cannot go to the office or travel, and children need to stay home as schools are closed… what a wonderful opportunity for families to spend more quality time and share more things together.

While we tend to have the illusion of having everything “under control”… these are times of surrendering knowing that many things are beyond our control.

While people are used to be busy and running all over the place… now things are on hold, people can slow down, rest, and take time to reflect.

While many didn’t even know their neighbors… this situation is opening up the dialogue between human beings, it is increasing solidarity and a sense of community in many places.

While it is impacting transportation with less airplanes and less traffic… it also means there is less pollution, which is better for our planet and alleviates the climate crisis.

While it seems that we are being limited and restricted on the outside… we are also gaining more flexibility and freedom within.

While we may fear we are missing something important that was part of our original plan… this may be a great opportunity to review what is truly important to us, to focus on what really matters and redefine your goals.

While we take for granted thinking things will continue as they always were… the obvious is no longer that obvious. Business is not “as usual” anymore. Going out to dinner may not be possible where you live. What a great opportunity to also play in the kitchen and try new recipes.

Seeing Beauty Amidst Chaos!

In addition to taking all the necessary precautions to stay healthy and safe, we can choose to focus on the “negative” side of these circumstances and join the collective “paranoia”, or see it as a great opportunity to reassess our lives and become conscious of our priorities. We can choose love rather than fear.

We can choose to suffer for everything we are losing, or be grateful for all we have and the experiences we are gaining with this situation.

It doesn’t matter where you live, what you do or what your social and financial status are. This situation is affecting everybody. Maybe this isolation ends up reminding us that we are part of something greater than this. Maybe it finally helps us to realize that it is no longer about nations, about social classes, about some above others. Our planet is one, and humanity is one too.

The more we get caught in what gives us anxiety, puts us in a negative mindset, and keeps us in a state of fear and darkness, the more difficult it becomes to enjoy life and the lower our defenses and vibrations will be. These are the times when we most need to collectively create good vibes to be healthy and to elevate the frequencies of the whole. The invitation is to put our attention on what we love, what makes us happy, and on what helps us to grow.

What happens if you choose to see this global turmoil as an opportunity to do things differently? To be differently? To be creative and use your imagination to think outside of the box?

Energy Flows where Attention goes! What do you choose to focus on, do and be today?

Happy Equinox on March 19! Celebrating Spring in the North and Autumn in the South. The Equinox is when the length of the day’s light and the length of the night’s darkness are equal, symbolically reminding us of the importance to be in balance.

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Adventurous Travelling in 2020!

While we are going through this temporary lockdown, life goes on and this situation will change soon. Now, more than ever, it is important to do the things we love and that are important to us. Look forward to sharing with you a great adventure in Peru this Summer to continue enjoying life and our existence on Earth!


Wavespells and Castles

Tzolkin Matrix highlighted

The Yellow Star Wavespell is the twentieth period of 13 days within the Tzolkin cycle. This Wavespell gives closure to the current cycle on March 29, 2020. You can see in the image below the days of this Wavespell highlighted including Gregorian dates, and the Green Castle of 52 days it belongs to.


Current Tzolkin Cycle

We are currently transiting the Tzolkin cycle that goes from July 13, 2019 to March 29, 2020. If you are just joining us, you can learn about this Wavespells format and proposal for this cycle here.


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Happy and beautiful closure of this Tzolkin cycle to you!