Wavespell of the White Dog – Welcoming my new CD!!

by Mariela Maya


With so much joy and gratitude, I am very happy to share with you MayanKin’s first CD on the first day of the Wavespell of the White Dog, energy of unconditional love, friendship and a heart-centered life!

The intention behind the creation of this music for the soul, besides providing a beautiful and relaxing experience, is to serve as a meaningful and practical tool for conscious evolution. The melody and instruments were carefully selected to help you get in tune with the energy/frequency while facilitating the process of self-reflection and transformation.

These unique melodies were created and recorded exclusively for MayanKin only using classical and sacred instruments in a “live” setting, and without the addition of digitally generated sounds.

I would love to share it with you!
Until MayanKin’s Store is ready, you can purchase
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The cost is US$20 and it contains twenty songs (1hr approx.).
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Why “From Conscious Re-Birth to Illumination”?

Tzolkin, the Sacred Mayan Calendar, guided several Mesoamerican cultures and is still in use in the Highlands of Guatemala (Cholq’ij). This 260-day cycle, commonly referred to as Mayan Astrology, is based on a combination of 20 day-signs and 13 numbers. The songs on this CD were inspired by the twenty archetypes of the Dreamspell, a modern interpretation of the ancient Maya Tzolkin.

The Tzolkin, which is about the same length as the gestation of a human being, embodies a path of self-discovery and re-connection with one’s essence and all that is. The first archetype, the nurturing energy of Imix (Red Dragon), initiates the journey with the power of Birth. And, shining in its own light, Ahau (Yellow Sun) closes the cycle with strength and Illumination. Symbolically, ‘From Conscious Re-Birth to Illumination’ represents an Awakening path, from remembering who you truly are to unfolding your greatest potential and Life Purpose during this magical journey.

The Process of Creation

Since 1999, when I was first introduced to the Mayan Calendar, I’ve been following the Tzolkin cycles and living by them daily. I envisioned one day creating my own CD with the intention of sharing with others a powerful way to connect with and feel the energies through the loving vibrations of sound. Mike Whitebread, a wonderful soul and great musician, helped me to make my dream come true thirteen years later!

Over a year passed from the moment I shared my idea with Mike for the first time until we had the Master CD in our hands. For several months, we met on a regular basis for him to first become familiar with the Tzolkin energies and connect with the archetypes meaning in depth. The recording itself was developed in four phases. As a base, several songs were recorded in a studio where Mike and Hilary played guitar and violin simultaneously. Mike recorded the other songs by himself using guitar or piano. And, once the twenty melodies were created, Mike enhanced the songs with piano, three types of guitar, two different drums, a handmade flute and a zither (instrument similar to a handheld harp).

The last part of the project was my favorite! To add natural sounds, Mike and I played some of my sacred handmade artisanal instruments from Argentina and the Sacred Valley in Peru, including a kalimba, rainstick, feathers, storm instrument, wood croaking frog, Toca seed shaker and various shamanic rattles. We also used my crystal bowl (Heart chakra F note) and Tingsha or Tibetan bells. This final phase happened over a period of several days during which my sacred room at home also became a kind of a recording studio. My beloved Buddha fountain performed the water sound for a couple of songs!

And, finally, Mike performed his magic and put it all together! Each song starts with the Tingsha bell followed by a 3 second pause that invites you to get in tune with the frequency and let it transport you to a different dimension.

What an amazing and fun project it was! I am so grateful to Mike for his music, creativity and patience, to Hilary Sloan and Steve Christensen for being part of the creative process and to Pat Perry for her friendship and enthusiasm while writing the beautiful archetype poems. And heart-felt thanks to Jacco, my partner, for helping me through the process and to Patricia Carman, who has been accompanying and guiding me in my personal journey during these 13 years and through whom I was indirectly initiated in the Mayan Calendar.

If you are interested to further exploring the Tzolkin and connecting with its magic, I invite you to visit my website.

Getting in tune with the Energies

Before listening to each song, I encourage you to read the brief description for the corresponding Archetype on the inside of the CD cover and the poem below to connect with its meaning and sacred sounds. If you are not familiar with your Galactic Signature or birth sign, you can check it on the Daily Tzolkin and find out which song/poem specifically refers to you.

With the purpose of quieting your mind and going out of your daily routine, I invite you to sit comfortably or lie down and take a few minutes to relax, breathe consciously, feel your heartbeat slowing down and meditate. And, in order to create a sacred time and space, you may want to have soft lights and burn a candle or incense when listening to the music.

A great way to experience the Tzolkin and learn how to follow the cycle is by getting in tune with the daily energy. You can visit the Daily Tzolkin each morning, read the message for the energy of that day and listen to the corresponding song. Close your eyes, take a deep, conscious and expansive breath and continue with your day. You may want to start journaling messages, insights, dreams and synchronicities you receive or experience. As we increase our awareness and shift our consciousness, magic does happen!

Twenty Archetype Poems

When clicking on each image, it will take you to a beautiful poem that refers to that archetype of energy. When reading it, reflect on how its messages resonate with you. Should any shadow arise (fear, anxiety, sadness, others) or you feel discomfort in your body, breathe into it, go deeper and deeper and make any movement or sound you are called to do.

If there are any specific areas in your life that have been difficult for you, or current circumstances or relationships you are struggling with, go over the songs/poems names and glyphs and click on the image related to the archetype or energy that starts vibrating within you. You will notice that the way you connect with it may vary each time you listen to the same song or read the corresponding poem depending on which aspects the melodies, sacred sounds or words touch your core being at that moment.

The titles in italic refer to the Mayan day-sign name in Yucatecan, followed by the name I chose for the song. The name under the Tzolkin symbol or glyph refers to its translation in English based on the Dreamspell. The colors related to the four cardinal directions (Red = East, White = North, Blue = West and Yellow = South).

IMIX ~ New Beginnings

Red Dragon

IK ~ Divine Breath

White Wind

AKBAL ~ Mystic Dreams

Blue Night

KAN ~ Spiritual Blossom

Yellow Seed

CHICCHAN ~ Instinctive Nature

Red Serpent

CIMI ~ Forgiveness

White World Bridger

MANIK ~ Healing Hands

Blue Hand

LAMAT ~ Embracing Beauty

Yellow Star

MULUC ~ Flowing Waters

Red Moon

OC ~ Loving Heart

White Dog

CHUEN ~ Playful Soul

Blue Monkey

EB ~ Free Spirit

Yellow Human

BEN ~ Adventurous Journey

Red Skywalker

IX ~ Enchanting World

White Wizard

MEN ~ Spreading Wings

Blue Eagle

CIB ~ Answers Within

Yellow Warrior

CABAN ~ Tree of Life

Red Earth

ETZNAB ~ Reflecting Worlds

White Mirror

CAUAC ~ Purifying Storm

Blue Storm

AHAU ~ Awakening

Yellow Sun

Additional information

In order to keep the CD as eco-friendly as possible, it comes in an eco-wallet packaging without a plastic insert and made with a high percentage of recycled board stock. Also, it has been printed in non-toxic vegetable-based inks.

• All Music composed by Michael Whitebread, BMI
• Acoustic guitars and violin recorded by Steve Christensen
at Treehouse Studios in Houston, Texas, USA.
• Additional tracking, mixing, and mastering by Michael Whitebread
at Pico Cathedral Recording Studios in Houston, Texas, USA
• Guitars, piano, bass, flute and percussion performed by Michael Whitebread
• Percussion and Sacred instruments performed by Mariela Maya, BMI
• Violin performed by Hillary Sloan
• Poems written by Pat Perry
• CD artwork and photography by Mariela Maya
• Graphic design assisted by Jacco van der Pol

Creation Team Energies:

• Mike, Kin 38: White Crystal Mirror (Etznab)
• Hilary, Kin 209: Red Magnetic Moon (Muluc)
• Steve, Kin 35: Blue Solar Eagle (Men)
• Pat, Kin 171: Blue Lunar Monkey (Chuen)
• Mariela, Kin 68: Yellow Electric Star (Lamat)

Wooow!!!! As I am creating this page, I just realized our energies combined is Kin 1: Red Magnetic Dragon (Imix), the power of Birth and the first day of the entire Tzolkin cycle. Synchronicities never stop amazing me, and this CD is certainly a great manifestation of that!

Celebrating the closure of a cycle and the Dawn of a New Era
Co-creating a New Reality uniting Body, Mind, Heart and Soul
For a world of Infinite Possibilities with Purpose and Meaning
The change is NOW and we are the CHANGE!

In Lak’esh – I am another yourself,

Ox Lamat
(Yellow Electric Star)