Red Dragon Wavespell + New Practical Tools

by Mariela Maya

Imix Poem


Hello everyone!

There are so many wonderful things available on the Internet nowadays, that it is becoming more and more difficult to choose what to read without becoming overwhelmed.

Having this in mind, and welcoming a new Tzolkin cycle and many new subscribers to MayanKin, I will make a huge exception and share with you a long message only this time. It contains an introduction to my new upcoming blog’s content and a link with additional information if you are interested in having a better understanding of what it is all about.

At the end, I will also share a few important astronomical events occurring at the moment that are affecting our energetic field.

Future messages will be kept brief and on a practical level!

My New Proposal for this Cycle
Reflection, Action & Transformation

Every 13 days, I will be posting on my blog an invitation for you to reflect on where you are in this moment of your life and where you want to be, including a few simple and easy exercises to put in practice with what you can do about it. These are just ideas for guidance purposes, you can come up with whatever resonates with you most!

In each message, a link under the image will take you to one of the beautiful poems written by my dear friend Pat Perry. Let the words touch your soul and their powerful messages vibrate within you.

This information is based on the Wavespell cycles in the modern version of the Tzolkin or Sacred Mayan calendar. Each Wavespell of 13 days starts with a specific energy or archetype related to a human characteristic or behavior pattern. I will be sharing the Light and shadows aspects for each with questions and exercises to work with during those days.

We are both Spiritual and Human beings

In the spiritual realm, and on a soul level, we connect with the Light aspects of each archetype and with life’s essence itself. We make our choices based on love, our heart is filled with gratitude and joy, everything flows and we are happy with whom we are and the way we live.

In the human realm, and on an ego level, we may be filtering our life’s experiences through our shadows and this is when fears, anxiety and other human emotions take us away from our life’s purpose, blocking our personal growth and making us feel off-balance.

We are transiting very intense times where things seem to be chaotic on all levels: emotional turmoil, physical discomfort, mental confusion and spiritual disconnection. As we feel this intensity within ourselves, in our relationships and around us it is important, more than ever, to find tools that work for us to keep us centered and on track.

And, as we open our hearts and learn how to be in the flow, we trust and know that everything is fine and we are just moving, as humanity, towards a new phase of planetary evolution.

I do hope this powerful tool helps you to expand your consciousness and create a more meaningful life, as it has been for me for the last 14 years!

If you are already familiar with the Tzolkin or you prefer to keep it simple for today, you may just want to read the astronomical events and go back to the top to work with the questions and actions for the next 13 days. And if you are new into this magical world and you are interested in exploring it further, I invite you to click afterwards on the following link where you will find additional information: Introduction to the Tzolkin

Advice for beginners: don’t try to understand it from your rational mind. Just open up to embark into a new adventure filled with magic and synchronicities and let your intuition guide you. Play with it and see the results for yourself!

Following the Current Cycle
October 31, 2013 to July 17, 2014

In addition to connecting with this 13-day proposal, you can also get in tune with the cycle on a daily basis. Please visit the Daily Tzolkin on my website where each day you will find, on the right side under the images, a short message to put into practice.

I also prepared this document so you can have it handy. This matrix or Harmonic Module is the roadmap to follow for the next 260 days. To learn how to read it, check: Introduction to the Tzolkin

The Wavespell of the Red Dragon always gives birth to a new Tzolkin cycle every 260 days. As it is shorter than a year of 365 days, the beginning of a cycle will start on a different Gregorian date. Both calendars, Tzolkin and Gregorian, will meet again on the same day every 52 years. No more explanations for today, I will let you have fun with it first!




October 21 to November 10, 2013

During this Wavespell of the Red Dragon, Mercury is retrograde for the third and last time this year.

While many associate Mercury retrograde with ‘something bad’ fearing it may impact communications, technology, travels and overall productivity, it is in reality a great opportunity to take this precious time to reflect on your path and allow new synchronicities to happen. Known as the Messenger of the Gods (Hermes in Greek mythology), when Mercury is retrograde it is a good time to slow down and listen.

How wonderful occasion to review what happened in our lives and how we felt in regards to our experiences during the previous cycle that just ended (from February 13, 2013 to October 30, 2013). Each beginning of a cycle represents an opportunity to leap towards a new level of expansive awareness within the spiral of time. What are you willing to detach from and let go of in this new cycle that starts today?

November 1-3, 2013

Sharing Selacia’s words: “An energy gateway is a powerful window of time when you can perceive more about yourself and your world. During a gateway, you have expanded levels of help in moving through your obstacles, clearing old patterns, and seeing yourself more clearly. Leading up to a gateway, it’s typical to experience increased ascension symptoms and a choppy roller coaster ride. You can easily lose your sense of balance and clear thinking unless you are mindful and have energy management tools.”

“With today’s accelerated awakening process in full swing, this November’s eclipse promises to be an intense catalyst for transformational shifting on a mega scale.” You can read her tips on how to prepare for this eclipse here.

End of November-December 2013

Discovered last year in September, Comet Ison will be closest to our Sun by the end of November. While there is no danger of this comet hitting the Earth, there may be a potential of more solar activity with energetic effects on our planet.

I invite you to visit Julie Umpleby’s website Diamond Light World where you will find her great article about it.

For those with scientific interest, you can also check the comet’s journey on NASA’s website and additional information on CNN.

In case the intensity of solar activity increases, no worries, it is not the end of the world! We may just need to continue taking lots of immersion baths and having relaxing massages, independently of the Wavespell we are in (*smile*). If you haven’t seen it yet, you can read my message on Solar Flares posted on my blog in May of this year.


And now, don’t forget to go back to the top of this message and start working on the questions for reflection and actions for transformation for the next 13 days.

As said at the beginning, this is a very long and unusual message. It is my intention in this cycle to keep my posts short and with practical information to stay grounded in the now and centered in our hearts.

Thanks for sharing this message with your friends and invite them to subscribe to MayanKin!

I wish you a Happy New Cycle and blessings to you in your new -and conscious- beginnings!

In Lak’esh & Munay,

Mariela Maya
Yellow Electric Star
mariela [at] mayankin [dot] com
+1 (832) 454-3113


In Lak’esh means “I am another yourself!”, a Mayan greeting that recognizes the Divine in each living Being. It’s a message of Unity that reminds us that, when we give, we are also receiving. In this way, the Mayan honored and respected each other, reinforcing the belief that we are all interconnected: what we do to others and to our environment will also affect ourselves in the end…

Munay means both ‘Love’ and ‘Beauty’ in Quechua, the language of the Incas. Munay, translated as ‘To love’, is one of the three principles of the Andean way.

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