Blue Eagle Wavespell of Vision

by Mariela Maya

MEN Poem

Buck – A documentary about
Horses, People and Life in General

Since March is the Rodeo month in Houston, I want to share with you today a film I recently saw called Buck, which helps us to expand our vision and change our perspective on how we treat each other.

This documentary is about the life of a North American cowboy and horse trainer called Dan M. “Buck” Brannaman who, after difficult life experiences and loving connection with horses, mastered great horsemanship skills and developed inspiring methods that he shares through profound insights and teachings that apply to any relationship and life in general.

Buck travels with his horse around the United States nine months out of the year, visiting ranches and conducting clinics to teach horse owners how to develop a relationship with their horses based on respect and trust rather than force.

Buck suffered a challenging childhood of violence and abuse. Learning rope tricks from his father at the age of 3, he acted in TV commercials and got his professional license at the age of 6. After his mother died when he was 11, his father became even more abusive and Buck and his brother ended up in a foster care.

His early experiences taught him how to turn his past around and connect with others, horses and people, on a soul level and in more sensitive and caring ways. And he emphasizes through the film how important it is to enjoy life and live in the moment instead of keeping living in the past.

He explains that sometimes horses are put under so much pressure and extreme circumstances in order to perform with “high standards” that they learn to respond out of fear and insecurity. He says that if instead of threatening or punishing them, horses are encouraged and lead with love and kindness, much more can be accomplished and in a happier environment for all. As with human beings.

I loved when he said that a lot of times instead of helping people with horse problems he ends up helping horses with people problems. In his words, “Your horse is a mirror to your soul. Sometimes you might not like what you see…. Sometimes you will.” You can see the official trailer by clicking on this image or here.

Buck Brannaman was the technical advisor and served as an inspiration for Nicholas Evans’ book and later on Robert Redford’s movie called The Horse Whisperer, and one of his horses even acted in that film.

This award-winning documentary was originated and filmed by first time filmmaker Cindy Meehl who, after taking one of her horses to Buck’s clinic, loved his approach so much and the impact it had on people’s lives that she decided it was important to share his different perspective with the world.

Everything is a dance” – Buck Brannaman

Enjoy your dance!

In Lak’esh & Munay,

Mariela Maya
Yellow Electric Star
mariela [at] mayankin [dot] com
+1 (832) 454-3113


In Lak’esh means “I am another yourself!”, a Mayan greeting that recognizes the Divine in each living Being. It’s a message of Unity that reminds us that, when we give, we are also receiving. In this way, the Mayan honored and respected each other, reinforcing the belief that we are all interconnected: what we do to others and to our environment will also affect ourselves in the end…

Munay means both ‘Love’ and ‘Beauty’ in Quechua, the language of the Incas. Munay, translated as ‘To love’, is one of the three principles of the Andean way.

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