Blue Eagle Wavespell Butterfly of Vision

by Mariela Maya

Butterfly of Perception

Blue Eagle Wavespell
Power of Freedom and Expansion
April 28 to May 10, 2017

Our lives have become so hectic that we often don’t see what we have in front of our eyes. Blue Eagle invites us to spread our wings and fly higher to expand our vision and see the big picture. We tend to walk with “trees glued to our noses” as I like to call it, impeding us to see beyond that problem or struggle. As soon as we allow ourselves to detach from the day-to-day and shift our perception, we suddenly experience the entire forest and notice new things or others that were always there… And we start seeing with our hearts!

I am writing this message from Argentina where I recently had a couple of beautiful butterfly encounters I want to share with you today. Buenos Aires is very beautiful with lots of parks and an artsy flavor, and it also has the busyness of a big city. Lunch time on week days are usually very busy and people run around to have a quick bite as they get ready to go back to the office. The other day, having lunch with my brother in the middle of the chaos, we both couldn’t believe what our eyes were seeing…. a butterfly inside the restaurant, just by the window where we were sitting. And, it was the same type of butterfly as the one I took the photo in the mountains, which I chose as the cover of my book! Time stopped and magic happened! As we were leaving the restaurant, the butterfly moved closer to another table by the door. Around that table, four people that seemed to be office colleagues were discussing something that sounded very “important” as they all looked serious. I walked by and asked them if they realized they had a visitor. It was so precious to see how the expression on their faces changed when they saw the butterfly. And, of course, they all grabbed their cell phones and started taking photos : -)

A couple of days later, also on a busy weekday, I was walking in the old neighborhood of San Telmo and there were a few artisans sitting around a plaza. I had a meeting later so I was a little bit in a hurry, but suddenly time stopped again when another butterfly started dancing around me. She stopped and posed on one of the tables that had, among others, old keys. Symbolically, it felt as if something was about to get opened ahead of me. The artisan said the butterfly has been visiting him for several days in a row and it loved resting on his table. We ended up having the most enlightening conversation, as he was a native person from the North of Argentina who shared with me great teachings!

In the middle of these magical experiences, Isabel Fontin wrote to me a beautiful message she recently had with this butterfly she found when walking through the park. Sharing her words and photo: “It was very well camouflaged, as it looked like another leave in a pile of dried leaves scattered on the asphalt. It was very beautiful and quite big. Since many people go there with bicycles, I wanted to see if it was alive or dead to take it out of the road as I didn’t want them to run over it because somebody riding on a bike wouldn’t see it among the dried leaves. However, when touching it, the butterfly moved with so much strength that I didn’t think I would be able to take it, as the impression in my mind was that they were delicate, and especially their wings. It didn’t fly anywhere and went back to stay still where it was before. So I decided that she was the one that was choosing her fate and not me. We always want the best for others including animals, nevertheless, there is a greater plan that we don’t comprehend and we need to let it happen.”

The Blue Eagle Wavespell (April 28 to May 10, 2017) is the 19th Wavespell out of 20 of this Tzolkin cycle of 260 days in its modern interpretation, which started on September 6, 2016 and ends on May 23, 2017. If you are just joining us, you can read about the invitation for this cycle here where you will also find useful documents you can download to get in tune with it daily.

Happy flight!

In Lak’esh & Munay,

Mariela Maya
Yellow Electric Star
mariela [at] mayankin [dot] com
+1 (832) 454-3113

In Lak’esh means “I am another yourself!”, a Mayan greeting that recognizes the Divine in each living Being. It’s a message of Unity that reminds us that, when we give, we are also receiving. In this way, the Mayan honored and respected each other, reinforcing the belief that we are all interconnected: what we do to others and to our environment will also affect ourselves in the end…

Munay means both ‘Love’ and ‘Beauty’ in Quechua, the language of the Incas. Munay, translated as ‘To love’, is one of the three principles of the Andean way.

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