Red Dragon Wavespell + NEW CYCLE!



We had a beautiful Andean Despacho ceremony with a great group last Sunday while celebrating the Winter Solstice on the first day of the Red Dragon Wavespell. As this Wavespell initiates a new Tzolkin cycle and there are many new subscribers since the beginning of the previous cycle, I will give a little introduction so this message will be more technical than usual. As always, it is my intention to keep my future posts as practical as possible with real life experiences in a way that it is useful for everyone.

Representing the power of Birth, the Red Dragon Wavespell initiated on December 20, 2015 an entire Tzolkin cycle of 260 days until September 5, 2016. While this Wavespell always starts a new cycle, it falls on different Gregorian dates as they differ in length. Both calendars meet again on the same day every 52 … Read more