Red Moon WS – Feminine & Masculine in Balance

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Happy Green Castle of Transcendence!

Happy Green Castle of Transcendence, the last period of 52 days within this Tzolkin cycle, which ends on March 29, 2020. This is a perfect timing to slowly wrap up what you have started at the beginning of this cycle (July 13, 2019) and get ready to transcend to the next level in roughly two months from now. I have several surprises to share with you for the upcoming cycle, so stay tuned! Check at the bottom of this message updates for the new Tzolkin Daily Planner and trips scheduled for this year.

Sage and Palo Santo Smudging ~ Masculine and Feminine Energies

I had a great conversation the other day with a dear friend of mine about the difference between using Sage and Palo Santo. While there is no science behind it and … Read more