Red Dragon Wavespell – Happy New Tzolkin Cycle!

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Happy New Tzolkin cycle!

Today, March 30, 2020, a new Tzolkin cycle starts for the next 260 days. While we are witnessing very particular times with the current Coronavirus global situation, there are so many wonderful opportunities for growth not only personally, but collectively as well. In some ways, this experience feels like a reset button for humanity and also for Nature, which is very symbolic considering the way most of the world has been blindly functioning until very recently. What a great time for New Beginnings!

What would you like to accomplish in the next roughly nine months, until December 14, 2020? Since we cannot plan much activities outside of our homes for the time being, this is another great opportunity to look within and set new priorities and goals on a body, mind, heart and soul level.

Since my travel plans have recently … Read more