Red Serpent Wavespell – Restoring Vitality

Shedding the Old for Renewal


Happy Blue Castle of Transformation!

You will find at the end of this message information on this intense period of 52 days that starts today and ends on July 13, 2018. There is also a document with dates you can download and print to have it handy as a reference for these almost two months.

I want to share with you first a beautiful metamorphosis experience I just had the chance to personally witness, and which is very much related to what this period is all about!

Last month, we went to Phoenix to a large Nursery garden to purchase plants for our house to attract butterflies. A couple of days after replanting them, one of the Milkweed plants didn’t look happy at all. My Skywalker friend, who has a lot of experience with butterflies and plants, told me I had to cut it … Read more