Happy New Butterfly Cycle!



Transforming into a Butterfly

Red Dragon Wavespell
Power of Birth and New Beginnings

September 6 – 18, 2016

During the previous three Wavespells of Communication (Wind), Vision (Eagle) and Creativity (Star), I was busy-busy finalizing the details for my first book, which was just published! After being “missing in action” for a while, I am back now and ready to start a wonderful new cycle together with you!

Since the start of this blog in 2010, I changed a few times the style of my messages as MayanKin’s global community is very diverse, from those of you who are just becoming familiar with the Tzolkin to the ones that teach and use it in their practices as well. My messages for the cycle that ended yesterday was the most technical of all as a way to share a different perspective on how to get in tune … Read more