Yellow Seed Wavespell – Intentional Growth

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Happy Yellow Seed Wavespell!

Connecting with some ideas for this Wavespell, I found the photo below that says the following: “A Garden is the essential contact of the Self with Nature, the right proportion between the small inner world and the vastness of the outside world in order to restore balance and achieve serenity”. What a great reminder! I took this photo in 1999 in Hunuc-Huar, a beautiful garden created by a family of the Huarpes lineage in San Rafael, Province of Mendoza, Argentina. That year was for me the “before and after”, and it brought major shifts in my life. Even though I didn’t know how things would unfold, I did know that I was ready for a change. The clearer I became with my intention, the Universe conspired for me to be guided in the right Read more