Red Dragon Wavespell – A Fresh Start!

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Happy New Tzolkin Cycle!


Today, October 26, 2018, is the start of a new Tzolkin cycle of 260 days until July 12, 2019. As we are about to embark on a new magical and conscious journey, we have the great opportunity to set new intentions for what we want to develop and manifest within the next, roughly, nine months. And, I have lots of surprises to share in this cycle! :- )

Sharing a New Wavespell Format

In this new cycle, I will share with you a new format so you can print the entire Wavespell in one page and use it daily to get in tune with the energies.

This is what it looks like:

Let’s see the example for today:

Today is Red Magnetic Dragon, Dragon 1, the one that initiates the Red Dragon Wavespell … Read more