Yellow Star Wavespell – Happy Creativity!

Living in Beauty


Let me introduce you to Huang XingXing, my beautiful yellow llama gifted to me in Aguas Calientes Peru and named as Yellow Star in Chinese. She accompanied the group during our visit to Machu Picchu in September and she was very happy with her first hike to Inti Punku, Sun Gate, where the “selfie” comes from. You can see behind her Putukusi, my favorite Apu in the area! These are a few more photos of Huang XingXing hiking down and waiting in the airport while connecting flights back to Arizona…

Today is Kin 260, the last day of the Yellow Star Wavespell and of this entire Tzolkin cycle that started on February 8, 2018. I am super delayed in responding to emails as I hosted two small groups here in Sedona since back from Peru after almost 2 months traveling. Look forward to sharing many surprises … Read more