Red Earth Wavespell – Being Present

Thank you Pachamama!


Since last year, Sedona has been very dry. Even though the rainy period known here as the “monsoon season” goes from mid June to end of August, it didn’t happen in 2017 and many areas were considered as severe to extreme drought until very recently. Two weeks ago was very hot and it reached 106F (41c), which was felt even warmer due to the dryness and lack of humidity. The land, trees, plants and wild animals were suffering, and the water level in the creeks was very low. Suddenly, we had the first drops of rain last week and now we have major thunderstorms and lightning every day for at least a couple of hours. While tourists are certainly not happy about it, the locals, Pachamama and wild life are celebrating the monsoon season this year! Our roses are again in full blossom, we stopped counting … Read more