Yellow Sun Wavespell – Happy Equinox!


Happy Equinox Day!


Tomorrow, March 20, is the beginning of Spring in the North Hemisphere and Autumn in the South. Spring is a time for New Beginnings when Nature starts blossoming, and butterflies and hummingbirds dance around. Autumn is a time to let go of the old, as the leaves fall from the trees and days become cloudy. On the Equinox, which happens twice a year, day and night are of equal length, when light and shadow are in balance.

In the Tzolkin, this time the Equinox falls on Red Lunar Dragon. Red Dragon is about self-nurturing and asking for help when needed. Lunar Tone (2) may be experienced as a challenge. For this Season, until the Solstice in June, make sure to take care of your basic needs and dedicate some time for pampering yourself as well.


March 22 to April 15 – Mercury Retrograde

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