Yellow Warrior Wavespell – Being Fearless


Super Full Moon!

We enjoyed our first full moon in Sedona with the most beautiful and powerful sky illuminating Pachamama! This Gemini full moon is the only super Full Moon of this year and we will start 2018 with two supermoons happening in January!

Mercury Retrograde (December 3 – 22, 2017)

While this super Full Moon brings to surface the truth, it also coincides with Mercury going retrograde for three weeks until December 22. Mercury is the planet that rules communications and, when retrograde, it is associated with having an overall impact on productivity, misunderstandings, and troubles with technology, travels and delays. Rather than moving forward and starting new projects, the invitation is to slow down and reflect on where we are at the moment, as we give closure to what is pending. Just as 2017 is about to end, it is symbolically a good timing to review the … Read more