White Mirror Wavespell – Reflection & Discernment

The theme for the next 13 days is Discernment!

Every so often, the mirror of life seems to reflect us back a distorted image that is not in harmony with what we would like to see. It may get confusing to distinguish “what is” and what is just our projection. Based on our values and ideals, we tend to make assumptions on how people and things should be, but they may end up being different than what we expected. We can stay in the illusion of the “should’s” or it is up to us to use our discernment to see the truth for what it is and choose what to do with it. In which aspects of your life are your experiencing “foggy mirrors”?

Read first what our little caterpillar friend is going through in these days and then what the Reflecting Butterfly has to say about it:… Read more