Red Skywalker Wavespell – New Adventures

The theme for the next 13 days is Exploration!

Sometimes, when we think we are finally doing what we love, we realize that we are not feeling happy. Maybe it is moving or visiting a place we always dreamt of, putting into practice a project we wanted to do for a long time, or just trying something new. As soon as we allow ourselves to identify and clear what is really blocking us, we start enjoying our adventures.

Read first what our little caterpillar friend is going through in these days and then what the Adventurous butterfly has to say about it:

Start of the White Castle of Refinement

Every four Wavespells of 13 days each, a new Castle starts. The Red Skywalker Wavespell initiates the White Castle of Refinement, a period of 52 days to choose what we want to keep and what we are ready to let go … Read more