Red Moon Wavespell The Goddess Butterfly

Butterfly of Being

Red Moon Wavespell
Power of Feeling and Flowing
April 2-14, 2017

Happy beginning of the Green Castle! After sharing the lessons learned during the previous Castle, we now have 52 days (until May 23, 2017) to wrap up what we started at the beginning of this cycle in September of last year and get ready to transcend to the next level. The Red Moon Wavespell invites us to become aware of our deepest feelings and flow in our emotional waters. Red Moon refers to the archetype of the Goddess and the divine feminine, independently of gender, as an invitation to reconnect with life in a more sensitive way, and to be appreciative, receptive and respectful of all creation.

In this creative flow, and expressing how I am feeling, I want to share with you a personal experience where, for the first time, a person that just found … Read more