Yellow Warrior Wavespell The Fearless Butterfly

Butterfly of Determination

Yellow Warrior Wavespell

Power of Fearlessness and Planning
March 20 – April 1, 2017

Happy beginning of Spring/Autumn! Today, day and night are of equal lengths representing balance between light and darkness. For those in the North, Spring is a time of new beginnings when we plant our seeds with what we want to see growing in our lives. In the South, it is a time of giving thanks for our harvests and releasing what no longer serves our purpose.

We had a great time with Q’ero shaman Don Eduardo who visited us in Houston last week. Thank you all who participated in the different gatherings and Despacho ceremony. Peru is experiencing major flooding in different parts of the country; much love to my dear friends there and all the families affected by it. May we all become aware of how our daily actions have an impact … Read more