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The Butterfly of Growth

Yellow Seed Wavespell

Power of Intention
January 27 – February 8, 2017

Many years ago, while I was a volunteer at an NGO helping native communities to develop self-sustained projects, we used to have an annual event in Buenos Aires called ‘Cultural and Artisanal Program of the First Nations of America’ where people were invited to share the same topics from different points of view, mainly related to culture, art, medicine, education, and others. The event used to take place over several days and the program included bringing native people from different communities as well as representatives from embassies, universities and other institutions related to indigenous programs in North and South American countries.

In 2000, during a talk on cosmology and perception of reality, one of the presenters called Mamani, a native Kolla from the North of Argentina, shared with us two very clear and important … Read more