World Bridger Wavespell Butterfly of Surrendering

The Butterfly of Surrendering

White World Bridger Wavespell

Power of Forgiveness and Closing Cycles
November 10-22, 2016

White World Bridger is the energy of liberation, reminding us that we are both human and spiritual beings and we are here to bridge our worlds. We are invited in the next 13 days to notice in which ways we are attached to things, people and situations, and let go of ego’s illusions as we surrender to love. I had a great discussion with Sarah Gallant the other day about the meaning of this glyph and the four stages of growth of a butterfly: from an egg to a caterpillar, followed by a cocoon and transforming into a beautiful butterfly. Each one of the four steps is very well defined and represents a cycle in its own. One of the main lessons in the process is that, in order to become a butterfly, … Read more