Blue Hand Wavespell Butterfly of Healing


The Butterfly of Healing!

Blue Hand Wavespell
Power of Healing and Accomplishment

October 2-14, 2016

Blue Hand is the energy of holistic health reminding us that in order to be healthy we need to take care of our body, mind, heart and soul. As of today, we have 13 days to become aware of how we are feeling physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually and give completion to pending things, which end up draining our energy.

This is the 3rd Wavespell of this Tzolkin cycle of 260 days in its modern interpretation, which started on September 6, 2016 and ends on May 23, 2017. If you are just joining us, you can read about the invitation for this cycle here and you will also find useful documents you can download to get in tune with it daily.

Sharing some beautiful butterfly experiences received:

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