White Wizard Wavespell Butterfly of Magic



The Butterfly of Magic!

White Wizard Wavespell
Power of Magic and Self-Confidence

September 19 – October 1, 2016

What an amazing beginning of this cycle! I want to thank all of you that came to the book signing, the ones out of town that sent beautiful emails and the material and experiences shared about butterflies so I can include them in upcoming messages.

For those of you that have been asking where to purchase the book and companion ‘workbooks’, the online store will be ready this week and I will send an announcement separately. And for everyone in Houston, they are available at Body, Mind & Soul. Please check at the bottom of this message for upcoming events in town. Webinars will be also announced soon!

T H A N K   Y O U !!!

White Wizard is the energy of wonder, of awe, it is what we … Read more