Liberating White World Bridger Wavespell


The White World Bridger Wavespell is the sixth Wavespell of this cycle. From February 23 to March 7, 2016, we are invited to let go of whatever is holding us back! Let’s see what each of the Wavespell’s day represents in this current cycle by combining the Tzolkin’s 20 glyphs with one of the 13 numbers.

Tuesday, February 23, White Magnetic World Bridger
Purpose: the first day of any Wavespell sets the purpose for the specific period of 13 days. During the Wavespell of the White World Bridger, the purpose is to release attachments and let go of ego illusions so we can bridge our spiritual and human nature. Which cycles are you ready to close?

Wednesday, February 24, Blue Lunar Hand
Challenge: the second day of any Wavespell is the one that shows us the extremes. Giving completion to cycles may feel challenging … Read more