Blue Monkey Wavespell of Spontaneity

Chuen Poem

Hello everyone, greetings from Cusco!

After a great couple of weeks with a beautiful group here in Peru, everybody left today and I am starting to catch up now with emails and messages : )

Since the current Wavespell of the Blue Monkey began recently, I invited the group to bring ideas so we could all choose one and develop it. Karina shared this wonderful video (2 minutes long) created by the French Association Noemi called The Eyes of a Child. You can see it first, no explanation is needed.

Following to watching it together, everybody shared their viewpoint and these are some of the reflections on what happens to our inner child when we turn into “serious” adults:

We start disconnecting from our true nature mainly due to judgment and prejudice, and we feel conditioned by the eyes of others.

While children are totally … Read more