Red Moon Wavespell of Being

Muluc Poem

Flow, Feeling, BEING
Awakening the Inner Goddess

In my last Wavespell message, I shared about the importance of taking our time to set our goals to make them happen. It is part of our planning as human beings living in a 3D world with things we want to achieve in our lives.

Nevertheless, it is very easy to get caught in “being human” and forgetting our spiritual nature and needs. Very often, we are hard on ourselves setting goals that push us to the limit and, when not being able to accomplish what we want in time, we feel frustrated and upset. Or, when we have a plan, we get in a bad mood if things don’t go as expected. Or, we accomplish them, but we are emotionally drained!

Life is a journey, not a Destination”,  means that enjoying the process is as important … Read more