Wavespell of the Yellow Human


May 15-27, 2013
(Kins 92-104)

On May 15, 2013 the Wavespell of the Yellow Human started, inviting us for thirteen days to become responsible for our thoughts, feelings, words and actions and help to co-create a better world!

The Yellow Human is the Power of Free Will reminding us that we are here to be happy and to use our freedom to make conscious choices for our own good and the highest good of all.

Solar Flares & Electromagnetic Fields

For the last week, everything felt so intense! I got a strong cold that ‘knocked me down’ for a few of days, I woke up several nights in a row feeling agitated with no apparent reason, and it has just been difficult for me to stay focused and productive. All this felt so weird to me, as I rarely have a cold, never wake up in the middle of … Read more