About Me

As a true citizen of the world, I have been influenced by many teachers from different continents on the journey to get connected with my inner world. Two decades ago, I was introduced to the Mayan Calendar and my life has been guided by nature’s cycles and cosmic energies ever since. I have been sharing my path and experience through group activities, personal readings and sessions, ceremonies and trips for the soul to sacred sites.

Walking the Talk

Born in Argentina on the Day out of Time (7/25), my lifelong dream has been to create a better world for all! My formal education includes a Bachelor degree in International Relations and an MBA in International Business. My business career with United Nations and in Global Logistics took me all around the world, while constantly being exposed to new cultures and alternate ways of living. After 21 years of combining Spirituality with my work in the corporate world, I finally decided to devote all of my time to Conscious Living as a Spiritual Guide and Life Coach.

My practice is based on Mayan Astrology in its modern interpretation, Inca Shamanism, Munay-Ki Rites and other creative tools with a holistic approach for soul expression, conscious evolution, personal growth and transformation. I also published my first book called Practical Guide to the Tzolkin.

marI realized that for changing the world, I had to start by changing myself first”

In Lak’esh & Munay,picMariela
Yellow Electric Star